About Counselling

Often it can be helpful to talk through difficulties with another person.  I have found that a safe and trusting relationship needs to be at the centre of any work. 

As an integrative counsellor I aim to use my knowledge and experience of a variety of different models to find an approach that makes sense for each person who comes to see me. Often difficulties and challenges are rooted in the past and it can be helpful to explore your life experiences to make sense of present difficulties, so I believe it is always important to make space for you to tell your story and and for us to work together to understand how past and present fit together.

I can offer both time limited work of 6 or 12 sessions, or open ended counselling where there is no fixed time limit and the end is decided by you and myself together.

I work both face to face and online using Zoom.

Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

Suffering from anxiety and/or depression can be a sign that an idividual has experienced trauma at some point in their lives, whether remembered or not. There are different ways to work to alleviate the trauma and it is important to find the right approach. I offer talking therapy, Polyvagal Therapy and an Internal Family Systems approach. There are other ways of working with trauma offered by other therapists so there is always space to consider what approach might be best for you and how to access the best help. I believe that you and I need to work together to discover the right path so I incorporate psychoeducation into my approach as well, to help you understand what might be happening.


A couple is formed of two indivuals who each bring their own life experiences to the relationship. We would work to understand how those experiences help the relationship and how they can work against it. In order for couples work to be helpful, both members of the couple need to be committed to exploring themselves, their relationship and how their behaviour impacts on the other.


I have many years experience working with students as a trainer, supervisor and counsellor. I welcome enquiries from students looking for training therapy.

I work with individuals and couples

People come to talk to me about:

  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Identity
  • Sexual and Gender Identity
  • Loss Transition and Change
  • Stress and Workplace Difficulties
  • Problems with weight and eating
  • Bereavement 


I am based in Storrington, West Sussex.
I offer counselling via Zoom


45 per session. ( 1 Hour)

40 per session for students

50 per session for couples



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