Code of Practice, Confidentiality and Data Protection for Online Counselling

Anything that we discuss during the course of counselling will remain confidential, subject to the following exceptions;
Where the client gives me written consent to disclose information to a third party
Where I would be liable to Civil or Criminal Court proceedings if the information were not disclosed.
Where in my professional judgement the client or third party is believed to be in serious danger of harm.

In any of the above circumstances I will seek if possible, to gain the client’s consent to disclose information before taking action.

Data Protection
I may keep brief notes on counselling sessions. These notes will only have a reference code to identify them and will be kept securely. I do not send notes to a third party unless legally required to do so.
I will keep transcripts and emails while we are working together. These will be deleted when we finish our work.

In line with the requirements of my professional body I have regular supervision of my work with an appropriately qualified supervisor. In this process the identity of the client is not revealed.

Missed Sessions
I charge for missed sessions at half the normal rate. A missed session is a break not arranged in advance. The client is entitled to 4 missed sessions in a year which are not paid for.
Exceptional circumstances can be discussed.

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